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You can make as many changes to your Website as you want, whenever you want, at no extra charge. You can create your Web Site using one of the names below. No technical expertise is required, nothing to download and nothing to upload, you can easily create, change, add or delete pages to generate a web-site using our user friendly on-line templates. Changes to the web site are so easy to make and they will be instantly visible on the internet. You can even display it in your own language if your visitors cannot read English!

Your website or any of your specific web pages can be password protected to be viewed ONLY by yourself and those you allow to see it, or they can be displayed for public view and can be indexed by search engines - the choice is yours!

How does it work?
Well, the name you register (yours, a friend's, a club's, a band's, a musician's, a singer's, an entertainer's or a religious institution's) will appear as a prefix before any of the personal domain names listed on this web-page, that we have specifically registered for naming Multi-Paged, Multi-Lingual Personal or Blog Editable Web-sites that you can generate online today using OurPages Instant Editable Website Creation Templates; eg: if you were called Fred Smith, subject to availability, you could have the use of BOTH or as the name of your personal or blog editable web-site if you used Our Pages Ltd's personal domain name, as the basis for naming your website..

Today, you can take advantage of our current half price introductory annual subscription of only TWELVE POUNDS including VAT
(that is less than 4p per day, ie less than 8 US Cents or 6 Euro Cents), you can even pay the twelve pounds introductory fee for up to two years in advance to cap your costs. It is anticipated that the annual subscription will increase to twenty four pounds per year, including VAT, once all of the web-site features, some of which are still being beta tested, become fully operational; even at this higher price though, customers will still get a bargain, having regards to the ease with which they can create and change their web sites and their use of the memorable domain names that we will provide for them.

Outdoor and Indoor Sports Clubs and Sports Teams
can keep Supporters informed through a Personal Web Site - Choose from:

Sports Teams, Social and Horse Racing and Equestrian Clubs
enhance members' enjoyment by using a personal domain - Choose from:

Page or Pages
are a personal domain chosen for a "down-to-earth" Net Identity - Choose from:

Self Publishing Domains for:
Authors, Poets, Artists and Photographers - Choose from:

Personal domain for use by travellers
to keep in contact with those left at home - Choose from:

Bands, Popgroups, Musicians and Entertainers
can promote themselves on-line with a Personal Domain - Choose from:

Church, Chapel and Religious Institutions
can keep their congregations informed with a Personal Domain - Choose from:

If you manage a Pub or Restaurant
then use one of these domains that are for Business use only - Choose from:

Why not create a Small Business Editable marketing Website for your restaurant or pub using one of the relevant domain names featured above? Take advantage of this opportunity to utilise one of these domains that are so aptly named to specifically attract visitors to your establishment.

The above "dot biz" and "dot info" domains are for commercial use only. These websites, (and any of our other "dot info" personal domains used for commerce), WILL ONLY BE GENERATED when the user enters their name, postal address and phone number into their data base, so that information can be AUTOMATICALLY displayed as contact details. They must also provide their customers with clear written information about their services. They must also protect their customers against credit card fraud.

This site is administered by the UK registered company
Our Pages Ltd, The Lilies, Griffe Grange Valley, Grangemill, MATLOCK, Derbyshire DE4 4BW, England
(UK Company No: 1557657. Registered Office as above. VAT Reg No: 884 9932 53).
who exclusively own and operate the following "Our Pages" websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Our Pages Limited does not own or is associated with any other domain using the generic words Our Pages as their website name.

Our Pages Ltd also exclusively own and operate the following Websites promoting their Editable Software:,,,,,,,, and

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